Romance under fullmoon

We are under the fullmoon with company of cold breeze,
let me stop the time and let me do it freeze,
please let me come close to you,
you also love me this all i knew,
just touching of hands making you blush,
now we are under love far from rush,
i can see your shy smile under your lips,
let me hold your hand in my hand and let me give a kiss,
it’s some dark but your bright face,
and your bright eyes from which i trace,
the best things and best words to speak,
loose yourself i know you believe on me,
it’s time for a hug,
which ‘ll make me crazy and it’s my drug,
let me hold your hand now
let me make a wish,
i want you my life as you are my breathe,
just forget the sorrow,
and let it me borrow,
leave the uncomfort and just breathe love..


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