Morning at Rammang-rammang Vilage, Maros, South Sulawesi

The beauty of tourism in Rammang-Rammang, which is located in Maros Regency, South Sulawesi, has been known and recognized by all Indonesian citizens. Now, this geopark national park is preparing to be better known to the world because it is in the process of being declared a World Geopark by UNESCO.

Not without reason, this tour in the limestone mountains of Maros-Pangkep was proposed to be a world geopark. Because it has nature that presents a charm that may not be found in other parts of the world.

Rammang-Rammang is a place in the Maros-Pangkep karst mountain range, which is the third largest karst in the world with an area of ​​about 43,700 hectares and has 280 caves. A total of 16 caves of which are prehistoric sites.

The karst mountain cluster was formed millions of years ago. But it was only inhabited by humans thousands of years ago. This can be seen from the relics in the form of paintings on the cliff walls. An example is in the Cave of the Palms.